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Backward compatibility with Rive 1 possible?#92

When I drag the flr2d file to the workspace, the import popup is displayed, but after a while a message about timeot exceeding pops up. Will Rive 2 be compatible with Rive 1? I’m sure that many people will want to migrate to the new platform and many artists have works from Rive 1, on which they have spent many days, it would be depressing if they remained obsolete.
If I understand correctly – user profiles from original Rive will also remain deprecated? Thanks!

2 years ago

A first version of importing Rive 1 files is planned for open beta. We are working on it.

Rive 2 is a totally new format with different features. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to import Rive 1 files, though not everything will work initially.

Some things will need to be tweaked.

For example, draw order changed completely in Rive 2, so there will need to be some manual tweaking for Rive 1 files that use animated draw order.

Other things won’t work initially until we reach feature parity. For example, raster graphics from Rive 1 won’t import as Rive 2 is currently vector only.

We’re trying to focus on making a great product for real-time animation that can be deployed to all platforms, while at the same time working towards feature parity with Rive 1. We realize that Rive 1 users are caught in a tricky transitional moment, but if you bear with us, we think the benefits of Rive 2 will be worth it.

2 years ago

Great @Guido Rosso! Thanks for letting us know!

2 years ago

Sorry, Im new to Rive.
May I know how to show all the botton in the RIve editor?
Because I observe in the tutorial there are many buttons like Alignment buttons, Transform, and many other.. When I tried it, there are many lacking buttons, even the shapes has only 3.
Are the missing buttons not available on free accounts?

Thank you in advance to whoever will help me with this problem of mine.

Godbless everbody..

2 years ago

Hey @Harry lingad I think you’re looking at the tutorials in YouTube under the Rive 1 playlist.

As mentioned above, Rive 2 is totally new from Rive 1 with different features. Not all the menu items in Rive 1 are available in Rive 2 yet. We’re working on getting to feature parity, but we’re also making sure Rive 2 is a better sytem and covers fundamental gaps that Rive 1 was missing.

New shape tools will be coming.

Align tools were de-prioritized to make sure we got a great snapping system first (which Rive 1 sorely missed). They will be coming in the future, feel free to vote on them here #51

Individual Transform tools are coming, but they are no long as necessary as they were in Rive 1, because the new Select tool in Rive 1 allows you to most of the same core functionality, but more efficiently.

Keep in mind Rive 2 is still early, we’re currently in a closed beta. You can help us prioritize features by voting on them here on this page. :)

2 years ago

@Guido Rosso .. Thanks man for your reply..

2 years ago

It makes sense to roll out a new version if it’s still raw ..
I can’t remember accessing my old account, and now I can’t edit the animation made in the first version … registration is closed, the situation is hopeless ..
can i get new access?(

2 years ago

@Доможиров Евгений you should still be able to acces Rive 1, the login is still working.

Access Rive 1 at
Access Rive 2 at

All your Rive 1 files are still there.

2 years ago
Merged Import flr2d to beta#178
2 years ago

We have released initial support for Rive 1 importing into Rive 2! Read more about the process in our Help Center:

Note that not all features are supported yet, there’s a list in the link above. Please test it out and let us know how it goes!

2 years ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
2 years ago