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Connection lost, reconnecting in....#862

I’m not able to edit any new or uploaded file in I’m able to preview other files, but the editor simply isn’t working and gives me the reconnecting error attached.

The issue seems to be specific to my Mac OS and any browser I try on that. I am able to open the editor on my Windows machine, but generally use my Mac for production work. I’m currently on Catalina and will be upgrading to Monterey soon, so I’ll update this if that helps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I’m eager to try building something! Thanks :)

6 months ago

Updating to Monterey did not help :(

6 months ago

Her’s a screenshot of the console in case it’s helpful. I did find I can open the editor on a Windows VM.

6 months ago

Hi @Rob Howard Sorry that you’re experiencing this issue with Rive and thanks for the update re: Monterey. We’re digging into logs now to see what might be happening with this account.

Just to clarify, is it correct that any browser running on your WIndows machine or in Windows on your Mac (via Parallels or something similar?) works as expected, but any browser on the same Mac is not working? What year is your Mac, and is it Intel or M1 chip?

Do you happen to have any firewall, VPN or proxy service running on your Mac that, perhaps, the Windows VM is bypassing? Are you trying to connect via a corporate network that might be blocking some network requests?

Thanks for your patience as we continue looking.

6 months ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
5 months ago

Hi @Rob Howard Are you still experiencing this issue on your Mac? Do you have any additional details to share? Thanks!

4 months ago