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Design/Animation Buttons should be centered in header#765

Just a request, the modes selector should be centered as it is a core fucntion to switch between modes. Seems a bit strange to have it to the right indicating it affects the panel beneath.

3 days ago

Now that i plyed with it, not sure you even need to say “Design”. Why not just toggle the animation panel? Or not even have the button and somehow toggle the animation panel to expand at any time.

3 days ago

@Doug Orchard design mode is the state in which your file and its artboards have no animation. When you’re in animate mode, any changes you create are applied only to the active animation (not the design state) so it’s important to be aware of what mode you’re in.

Check out our Help Center and video resources to learn more about all this.

Help Center:
Videos and other resources:

2 days ago

The question lies, is design mode even needed? Nothing changes for the user except the panel. When exporting from Rive, you export an animation not a design/svg/lottie ( yes i said it :P ).

This is based on my current usage of Rive. I understand the thinking behind it. I’m coming from the idea of less is more. Do people need a dedicated design feature when everything can be achieved in the Anmation mode? Does it give me a benefit to switch between the two?

So far my usage has been 90% in the Animation mode. switching between I always find huge differences between the modes and my OCD kicks and have to make things the same even though it’s not required for my desired outcome.

( FYI I’m a product designer - hence this particular idea brought up )

a day ago