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Copy/Paste Ease Values#762

The ability to select 2+ keyframes, copy the easing values, and then paste those values onto a different set of keyframes. So the keyframes keep their respective value, but the tangent handles of the animation curve will now match. Super handy! Would also be great to have the ability to reverse the values etc.

I think adding this functionality to the current interpolation mini-graph would be solid gold. Something similar to the “flow” plugin for After Effects. Eh? :D

6 days ago

The way I do it is copy-paste the easing values in the text box, drag-and-select all the keyframes I want, and paste the easing values in the text box to apply it to all those keyframes.

Regarding an easy way to choose an easing curve, I’d also like to see a chart to choose from, but until then I suggest keeping open (not affiliated). They don’t do custom curves, but they have all the standard curves (and their inverses) you can copy and paste into your animation. does have custom curve support.

I agree there should be an easy way to reverse a curve. Until then, use this easy formula: If you have a curve x1, y1, x2, y2, the reverse of that curve is (1 - x2), (1 - y2), (1 - x1), (1 - y1).

5 days ago