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Grouping makes objects jumps all over the artboard#709

I have a project where lot of animations are already created state machin is already made, but now I had an idea that needs the components to be grouped. And after I do it every objects jumps all over around the artboard. Every animation is wrond now. I read that it was earlier also discussed and I want to ask is thar anything I can do.
Or I need to plan always grouping in advanced (wich makes grouping unusefull after starting to do animations)

I attached the earlier discussion also.

Make Rive life easier :D

8 days ago

I tend to group things before I start animation. At best group things during design. It’ll make your life easier.

5 days ago

Hi Gergely Papp! Perhaps you could try this?

  • Ensure you’re In Design Mode

  • Group your design elements (Let’s call it Group 1)

  • Activate Freeze mode (Hotkey is Y)

  • Make sure that Snapping is on

  • Move the X and Y position of the Group until it snaps to the top left corner of the artboard – it’s usually easier to achieve this using the X and Y controllers on the widget

  • Deactivate Freeze mode (Press Y again)

  • Make sure that Group 1 is still selected

  • Press G to put Group 1 into another group (Let’s call it Group 2)

  • Now simply apply group animations to Group 2

Hopefully this helps you with this issue.

5 days ago

I have this problem too. Everytime I group I need to reposition all the elements back to their original position.

12 hours ago