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Nested objects always appear in the back#632

I nested an object within another like you show in the hierarchy video. However, it seems not possible to keep it in the nest while bringing it to the front of the other object. This is very weird especially when it lies on top of it in the hierarchy list. What am I missing? :)

Edit: I guess I missed that one object is a form and a path. It was not included in the video so it was not logical why an object dragged into was not visible. Once starting to work in groups it works.

16 days ago

I have noticed this when you place items in a new group. Usually I just right click on the group and click reverse

15 days ago

Hi, thanks. Like I wrote in the edit, it didn’t work because I dragged it into a form I guess. I’m trying to figure it out with normal groups now :)

15 days ago