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Override animation speed and looping behavior of a state#613

Would like to override the playback speed and looping behavior of a state so that multiple instances of an animation in a state machine could have different behaviors without needing to create duplicate animations with different settings.

One use case, is being able to interpolate the playback speed of an animation using a number input to drive the blend between the two animation instances

Another is to control the animation playback direction by creating two states based on the same animation, but changing the playback direction of each. (This of course assumes adding a reverse playback option to the looping behavior list as described in another feedback post)

16 days ago

Regarding your first paragraph, yep, this is something we’ve been discussing internally as well, @Jason Wilhelm! Agreed that it would be very useful.

Regarding your last paragraph, as mentioned in your other post, you can already achieve this using negative playback speed.

14 days ago