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Slow on external monitor#608

On my MacBook Pro, when the Rive app is run on the built in display it runs smoothly. When I try to run it on my main external display, the Rive custom pointers lag behind the actual position of the pointer and the interface feels sluggish. If the window is resized to be much smaller, the issue disappears.

Here is a video showing the slowdown:

I’ve tested this on Chrome, Firefox and Safari with the same result. The monitor is called Acer ProDesigner BM320 and has a resolution of 3840x2160.

Is there anything I can do to run the Rive app full screen and retain its usability? To me the slowdown is a big drawback. I’m able to use apps like Photoshop, Blender and Lightroom full screen with no problems.

18 days ago

Hey @Niclas Åberg, that’s not good. Any chance your computer has two graphics cards and it’s somehow switching to the lower version on the external display? If so, I think this can be customized per app, so you might want to double check that your browser is setup to be accelerated by the right graphics card…

18 days ago

Hey Guido, thanks for the reply! It’s a vanilla 2019 MacBook Pro with a vanilla Chrome browser. My best guess is that the Mac is just not up to the task of running Rive on an external display.

18 days ago

It’s possible, but it should be doing a decent job at it! Especially if it’s working fine with the internal display, which is super high resolution.

You could try disabling graphics switching under your Battery options to see if it’ll make it use the dedicated GPU…

18 days ago

I disabled graphics switching and I’m seeing the same issue. It was unlikely to be that, because I very rarely use the laptop on battery. Any other suggestions would be helpful! For now I’ll use it on the built in display, that seems to work fine.

17 days ago