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Will objects and properties be exposed through runtimes?#604

The old Rive allowed a software developer to access nodes, actors and properties from a Rive animation so that software code could control behavior and make modifications.

State machines and playback controls aren’t enough to really leverage Rive’s potential.

Is there a plan to allow Rive creattors to expose objects and their poperties through an interface that can then be contoled through code in a way similar to how state machines work now?

A good example is the bear that follows the user as they type charaters into an input field.

25 days ago

Hi Jason, which runtime are you using? All of the runtimes technically have the ability to do this but we haven’t standarized the functionality across all of them. Flutter and the lower level JS (WASM) should be able to do it today.

25 days ago

We are using the web (JS) runtime currently and plan to use the ios and android runtimes as well. Is there documentation or examples where this is done?

25 days ago

I looked at the docs and saw this example for the JS runtime:

        const idleButton = document.getElementById('idle');
        const wipersButton = document.getElementById('wipers');

is this what you meant? Getting elements by id?

I don’t think this would work for our integration into our platform tools.
I was hoping more for an interface that is defined in the Rive editor like the imputs to a state machine.

Or perhaps there is a way to get a list of references of all elements in a project, without having to know the names explicitly.

16 days ago