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App crushes when click cmd+z after deleting the object#578

I was deleting some keys in animation for one object. Then saddenly this object was deleted. I suppose may be I didn’t choose the key, but thought I did and then clicked delete. Therefore the object was deleted. Then I clicked cmd+z to return the object back. At this moment the app crushed. I tried to open previous version, but it was impossible. After I chose the previouse version I was waiting near 5 minutes, then the app crushed. Then I tried again, but was the same.
Please, could you tell me, is it possible to do something to open previouse version, or return the object somehow? Otherwise, I will need to redo 23 animations with this object.
For now I’m happy I didn’t delete group of objects, just one. But I was almost crying.

20 days ago

Sorry about this Tani. Send us the file ID to so we can see what the problem is with the file.

20 days ago