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Chinese support#575

I wonder if the author can see this message not, as a Chinese designer, see you this a program, I am very excited, very good to use, thank you for your efforts, but for our team, some designers for English, the ability is not very good, I hope the author can develop Chinese interface as soon as possible, I will definitely recommend our team support. In fact, there are a lot of Chinese designers like me, all praise your software. Thank you!

5 months ago


4 months ago


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2 months ago

We’re still focused on building out the main product features at the moment, but we want to add support for multiple languages! We’ve heard the Chinese request the most, so it will probably be on of the first we add. 😃

a month ago
Merged Hope to add Chinese version#455
a month ago
Changed the title from "Please ask the author to update the Chinese version" to "Chinese support"
a month ago