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Add support for static asset customization#571

I am helping to build an app in which we display, for example, a house asset on screen. After some time, when the user has done tasks, they have the option to “upgrade” the house. This involves just adding subtle changes like color upgradations and maybe a few more assets, like a flower pot or something to the initial house.

I currently change around PNG files, but this can be done very easily and much more intuitively with state machines within Rive.

Basically, an option for static assets instead of animations is required.

Not sure how tough that would be to implement, but it sure would be very helpful.

Another reason to ask for this is that we are using Flutter and Rive works flawlessly with Flutter, unlike SVGs which are very weird to implement with Flutter.

a month ago

I figured out how to do this using layers! Was wondering if there were any tutorials for it :)

21 days ago