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Animation with negative values doesn't play in State Machine#508

I found in help center information about Playback Speed.
“The default speed is 1x. Negative values cause the animation to play backward.”
I tried and it works. The animation plays backward, if the position of the playhead is at the end of animation.
Then I tried to create State Machine with two animations. First one is animation with default speed 1x. Second one is with negative values -1x.
My idea was that the animation will play from start to the end (default speed 1x) and then from end to the start (negative values -1x).
But it was not happed. The animation with negative values -1x doesn’t play in State Machine.
Is it possible animation with negative values play in State Machine?

5 months ago

Hey @Tania Magdieva, sorry for the silence here! Wanted to let you know that we did receive this and we are looking at it. Hope to have an update for you soon!

4 months ago

Thank you!
Anyway, you work very quickly and efficiently!

4 months ago