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Resizable fluid layouts (aka responsive layouts)#418

We plan to add support for this, potentially through our Constraints system #152 or with a new type of container object. This feature is also linked to Symbols #295.

2 years ago
Changed the title from "Resizable fluid layouts" to "Resizable fluid layouts (aka responsive layouts)"
2 years ago

Ooh, nice to hear. I was about to add this as another suggtion. Are you planning different scaling ‘modes’ (ie: inner, outer, fit, cover, auto, etc)? These can be useful for times where you want the animation to fit a rect, or cover an area - possibly including additional elements that might fall outside of the visible area in different contexts.

2 years ago

@Bryan that’s already working in our runtimes! Try dragging and dropping your file into our preview tool at and play around with the different fit options.

We’re planning on building an export wizard directly from the editor. That’ll take you to something similar to the preview tool but it’ll be more discoverable from the editor.

2 years ago

I had no idea that preview tool existed. Thanks, will check this out.

2 years ago
Merged Constraints that targets Artboard#634
a year ago