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PixiJS support#387


The HTML5 Creation Engine. 2D WebGL renderer.

Used in making lots of web-based games.
Huge in the slot game industry. An industry that produces over 150 games a month.
All have animations, created right now in Spine 2D.

This will make a lot of studios to start using Rive instead.

2 years ago

I imagine this would need to wait until Rive supports WebGL (planned but no ETA I believe: ). In the meantime you can render Rive to a canvas and then import the canvas into a texture in Pixi if rendering the canvas on top of Pixi won’t suffice.

2 years ago

Thx for the feedback.
Yes I guess it has to wait for WebGL support, to be implemented first.

Will check with the devolopers, if we want to do a test wit rendering Rive into a canvas.

Otherwise, in the industry we are really hoping to be able to use Rive in near future.

2 years ago