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Elliptical Gradient Fill#384


Would be great to have the option for elliptical gradient fills. I think this would be good bang for buck in terms of dev lift (one more handle on the radiant fill) versus how much more could be done when shading.

a year ago

Yep, agreed @Nay. We’ve looked into this one as it’s something our design team wants as well.

We haven’t implemented it yet because it’s a feature that isn’t supported in a standard way across our current platforms and their renderers.

So far we’ve prioritized features that will look consistent across all runtimes and their renderers (for example, on Android we use the native Android renderer; on iOS we use native iOS rendering). The advantage here is that we don’t need to package our renderer into these runtimes (making them a lot bigger).

We’ve discussed doing that in the future and offering two versions of the runtimes (a light version that uses platform-native rendering and a full-featured version that uses our custom renderer). We’re not entirely sure we want to go down that path yet, but it may very well be something we have to do.

a year ago