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macOS Desktop#381

Our architecture supports the ability to build a native desktop app, but we need to do some extra work to get it ready to launch.

We’re currently prioritizing other features to build out the functionality of the tool, but we’d love to track how much interest there is for a macOS desktop app specifically.

a year ago

Sounds good guys! Dektop app is needed. I feel way more confident working in desktop app than on a web app

a year ago

Would you have a timeframe for the MacOS version ?

a year ago

We’re not sharing any timelines at the moment, but the best way you can help us prioritize things is by upvoting and sharing your use-cases!

a year ago


10 months ago

Really like the direction, etc. but a web-app makes this impossible to consider. A single certificate/network/security issue and all of my projects, etc. are 100% impacted, unavailable, lost, etc.

9 months ago

I’m looking forward!

2 months ago

Looking to start incorporating Rive into my workflow as soon as the Mac desktop version is released.

2 months ago
Changed the status to
2 months ago

I’d love to see a MacOS App as I feel it’s better much better when programming daily. Thanks!

5 days ago