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Shared assets proposal (Libraries, Symbols, Presets)#29

  • Library - A Rive file that exposes its assets, symbols, and presets for use within other files.
  • Symbol - Reusable elements (e.g. Movieclips in Flash, Symbols in Sketch, Components in Figma)
  • Asset - External images and graphics.
  • Preset - A reusable graphical style or animation attribute (e.g. colors and interpolation curves).

This feature depends on #116, #295, and #69 being implemented first.

2 years ago
Merged Re-use colors#9
2 years ago

Plus one vote to “Presets” colors. Currently I need to create two duplicate animations to colorize them according to light and dark modes.

2 years ago
Merged Tween Presets#422
2 years ago

Hi my Rive editor doesnt seem to have the hierachy panel/ assets panel displayed at the top left hand corner and i dont know why. which means im unable to import anything into Rive any solutions?

a year ago

Hi @Kieran Anthini Abraham, we haven’t built that functionality yet. See #116.

You can import an SVG by dragging and dropping it into the editor. Check out this page in our Help Center for details

a year ago